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Poor Credit Remortgages

Poor Credit Remortgages

Have You Been Let Down For A Remortgage Or Mortgage?
Poor Credit From C.C.J.`s Or Missed Mortgage Payments?
Competitive Mortgage Plans With Defaults On Cards & Loans.
Free Quotes On Bad Credit Or Low Score Remortgages.


First Choice Finance could help you find a remortgage with bad credit by utilising our 25 years of remortgaging experience to get your free personal poor credit remortgage or mortgage quotation. When you are unfortunate enough to have some adverse or bad credit it can have a big impact on your ability to obtain a remortgage, purchase mortgage or a home mover mortgage. Poor Credit Remortgage/Mortgage

If you are not sure what to do next or are worried about having a low credit score - then have a no obligation, confidential conversation with a member of our UK mortgage team on 0800 298 3000 (freephone) or 0333 003 1505 (mobile friendly), to get the facts and figures on which of our remortgage or purchase mortgage options may be available to you, even with poor credit or a low credit score. Alternatively fill in our short online enquiry form and we will start working on your mortgage straight away, coming back to you at your convenience. All quotations are provided for free, so you can get all the facts and figures before you decide to go ahead.

First Choice are UK based, were established back in 1988 - and are a family owned company. We have already arranged over £1 Billion for our remortgage & mortgage customers - both with and without poor credit. We are committed to helping you get the remortgage you want on your current home for any purpose or to obtain the mortgage you would like to buy the property you are seeking, whether or not you have been declined elsewhere due to a low credit score or have impaired / bad credit.

Poor Credit Remortgages Availability

Refused Remortgage Bad CreditYou may be surprised to hear that there are plenty of lenders seeking to help clients remortgage who have incurred some poor credit - a major factor in being approved is you wanting to improve or repair your credit profile. The main adverse elements that can be considered are; credit arrears, low score, C.C.J.`s and defaults - mortgage arrears may also be considered. Rates may be quite close to standard mortgages and usually reflect the level of adverse.

We have been successfully arranging mortgages & remortgages for poor credit or low score clients across the UK for a very long time. Here are some scenarios we often come across;

  • Perhaps you are looking to clear or refinance some or all of the poor credit through a debt consolidation remortgage and improve your credit score but cannot find a mortgage lender who is prepared to take on your specific case - this is just one area where we could help.
  • You may be committed to improving your cashflow or you may have some defaults, county court judgements or mortgage arrears on finance that were created beyond your control at the time - but now you feel better able to get back on top of your finances - We have helped consumers in this position before.
  • Alternatively you may be looking to buy a property but are worried about potential defaulted credit items or c.c.j`s? - All still may not be lost.

The good news is there are now mortgage and remortgage plans available for people who have bad credit or complex circumstances. Bad Credit Mortgage HelpSometimes they can be a little more expensive than so called prime mortgage customers, but there is not always a big gap at all. You may be pleased to see just how many genuine affordable mortgage offers are available to you if you know how to access them. This is another area where the First Choice specialist mortgage advisers could really help, because they have access to remortgage plans and lenders who accept customers who have had some poor or bad credit, some of these poor credit lenders do not deal with the public directly.

Declined Or Refused A Remortgage?

Being let down by a Bank, Building Society or other lending institution when seeking a remortgage can be demoralising and leave you feeling disheartened. It is important to realise that lenders vary widely in what they are looking for in a customer, for example some lenders rely much more on automated software to make decisions than others. There is much more to the mortgage scenario than just your credit score. Your personal mortgage adviser will match you to the mortgage plans as they know which of our different lenders consider which circumstances. mortgage bad creditTheir aim is to find a remortgage or purchase plan which both matches your needs and where you meet the lenders criteria. Just because you have been declined a remortgage when the `computer said no` it does not always mean that you are at a dead end or no one wants to help you. Having bad, poor or adverse credit is clearly not an ideal starting point but there are hundreds of thousands of people in the same situation right now and there are lenders that are keen to tap into such a large market.

Mortgages With Defaults, Low Credit Scores, Missed Credit Payments & Loan Arrears

Consumers can end up with adverse credit for a very large number of reasons. Often it is because they have not managed to keep up with the minimum repayments required on a personal loan, credit card, store card or higher purchase agreement they previously entered into. These missed payments are recorded and can be seen by potential lenders who you ask to provide you with a mortgage or remortgage. If you fall behind by 3 or 4 payments on a credit item it can then show as a default on your account for many years. The older a missed payment or a default is the less important it is in determining whether you will be declined or refused a mortgage. However the more missed payments and defaults you have the less lenders will be able to consider your application. Therefore sometimes clients with a few older defaults or just a few recent missed credit payments could still get access to the very best mortgage plans around. Satisfied defaults are ones that have been paid off since the account defaulted, these can be seen as less of a negative that an unsatisfied default so it may be worth clearing defaults on your credit file where possible, this can be an option via a debt consolidation remortgage to repair your credit profile.

Mortgage Arrears & County Court Judgements - Implications

Your adverse credit levels are often measured by lenders in units. Basically a particular type of bad credit item will be worth 1, 2 or 3 or even more units based on that specific mortgage providers view on the severity of that bad credit item. Recent Mortgage arrears and County Court Judgements are possibly the more serious poor credit items, especially if they have not been cleared. However as discussed before lenders have certain areas they prefer to others and they do not all target the same areas, so whilst your poor credit unit score with one lender may be too high and lead to a declined remortgage application another lender may ignore some of your missed credit items or give them less priority leading to an accepted remortgage application even with what you thought was a bad credit situation. By reading this you probably appreciate that having a bad credit record is time sensitive, so it is worth taking stock of your situation and seeing if you can use some of the money borrowed through a remortgage to pay of any current defaults, credit arrears or even county court judgements.

Why Try First Choice Finance?

Clearly navigating this complex remortgaging area involves various detailed criteria and critically being able to find mortgage lenders who are prepared to help you out. This is where First Choice Finance can give you a head start, by knowing which lenders are seeking which types of clients and being able to provide them with the correct supporting evidence and proper documentation on your behalf, we can help you get your mortgage or remortgage through whilst minimising stress and taking the headaches away from you. Fill in our online form, or give us a call on 0800 298 3000 (landline), 0333 003 1505 (mobile friendly) and let us help you get back on track.

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