Home Loans

Home Loans

Borrow from £3,000 To £1 million For Virtually Any Purpose.
Use 100`s Of Loans To Find The Best Home Owner Loan.
Good / Fair / Poor Credit Plans & All Quotes Are Free.
Utilise Your Equity, Move Home or Buy A Second Home.

Home Loans

Home Loans

Borrow from £3,000 To £1 million For Virtually Any Purpose.
Use 100`s Of Loans To Find The Best Home Owner Loan.
Good / Fair / Poor Credit Plans & All Quotes Are Free.
Utilise Your Equity, Move Home or Buy A Second Home.


Highest Loan To Value Purchase Mortgages And Remortgages - Low Rate Loans From £5,000 To £150,000 - Release Your Equity With An Equity Release Plan

With 25 years of experience and a wide selection home loan products, First Choice Finance is an established provider of home equity loans & mortgages for consumers from all backgrounds, obtaining money for you that can be used for almost any purpose. We search our panel to find the most suitable and lowest rate home loan for your individual circumstances. We realise that everyone has a unique scenario, so whether you are looking to buy your first home, are a home mover or are staying put and simply want to release money from your home for you to use as you wish - we adopt the same proven process.Loans Personal Whether you are seeking £3,000 or need to find £750,000 to achieve your goals you are equally important to us. Should you actually be looking for a personal loan for a specific purpose, we even have access to those lending solutions too.

Firstly call us from a landline on 0800 298 3000 or from a mobile on 0333 003 1505, alternatively fill in our 60 second on line enquiry form (don`t worry no credit search is carried out at this stage) and our in house advisers will talk through what you require confidentially. You can then be provided with a free no obligation personal quotation giving you the facts and figures so you can decide whether the offer works for you. All loans are subject to status. After that, when and if you want to go ahead with one of the home loan lenders on our panel just tell us and we will process your home loan from enquiry to completion,leaving you to spend the equity you have released however you please (subject to the lenders approval), whilst offering direct support throughout

What Can Our Home Equity Loans Be Used For?

  • Buying your first house or flat
  • Moving from one home to a new one or even buying a second home to rent out
  • Carrying out home improvements (Conservatory, Extension, Kitchen, etc)
  • Taking a dream holiday
  • Debt consolidation of multiple credit to ease cashflow
  • New car, motorbike or caravan.
  • Special occasion; such as a wedding or other celebration
  • Tuition fees, university charges or course costs
  • Almost anything else you may require a loan for.

Homeowner Loans & Remortgages

For those of you not wishing to buy your first home or move house then getting a loan or remortgage from First Choice Finance still gives you the freedom to spend the money released from your equity on almost anything you need. Reducing your outgoings through debt consolidation is one well known use for remortgages and homeowner loans, but they are used for many other reasons. Whether that`s buying a new car, setting off on a dream holiday, or to raise money for making improvements to your home, our extensive selection of home loans are a useful way of financing what you need.

As mentioned previously a First Choice home loan could be used to consolidate existing debts and lower your monthly outgoings. It is all too easy to find credit bills running into large amounts - without even realising it is happening. If you have existing personal loans, credit cards, store cards and are feeling the squeeze on your cash flow then you could consolidate you existing debts into just one, reducing your monthly out goings into one manageable monthly repayment. Please bear in mind by consolidating debts in this way you may well pay more interest over the term of the refinancing loan Read More on Debt Consolidation

What Is A Home Loan?

A home loan is a type of loan which allows you to release some of the equity from your property via a homeowner loan or raise money through a mortgage to buy a property. First Choice Finance have plans which may enable you to help you raise from just £3000 up to £1 million, whilst spreading the payments over 3 to 30 years. This is because home loans are secured on the property involved, so you are often able to borrow larger amounts over longer periods of time. Home loans can be very useful for raising the substantial amounts of money required to make major purchases (such as houses of course….) over elongated periods of time to make them affordable and have been an established route to home ownership, or raising money from a home for a very, very long time.

If it`s utilising money from the equity in your home you are after some may find a remortgage or a secured homeowner loan could even be a an alternative way of financing your project than a large personal loan; if for example you cannot get the amount you require, or find the payments unaffordable because the term is too short or maybe you are unlucky enough to have been declined for a large personal loan but may meet a secured loan lenders critieria.

Remortgaging vs Homeower Secured Loans

When looking to raise money from your property there are many different options to choose from. Popular ones include remortgaging or selling the property and moving into rented accommodation or a lower priced neighbourhood. Taking out a home owner secured loan, can be a viable alternative to moving or remortgaging depending on your individual requirements. Talk to our loan team to find out what plans are available for your individual circumstances

First Choice Finance offer home owner loans, mortgages and remortgages and have access to personal loans together with guarantor loans and are happy to discuss the differences. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have on a no obligation basis. For more information and your free quote on home loans with the help of First Choice Finance please click here

Can You Help If We Have A Poor Credit Rating?

First Choice Finance is one of the UK`s longest established finance companies, this means we can give you access to a large selection of lenders, some of whom have created specialist loan products to cater for those of us with some adverse credit. This selection gives us the flexibility to try and help people who have been refused a loan in the past. Even if you are unfortunate enough to have incurred County Court Judgements (CCJ`s), missed payments on existing debts, defaulted credit cards or even mortgage arrears please enquire online or give us a call as we will always try out best to help.

Any quotes are always given out for free and you will be under absolutely no obligation to proceed.

Home Loan

Video transcript

Whenever you want a home loan, and for whatever reason, you should strongly consider letting First Choice Finance help you decide which to choose.

Why? Well, we`re a long term established and experienced finance broker, which means that we have a wide range of loans on offer that you can choose from, unlike if you went directly to a lender, which may only have a few deals available therefore limiting your options and none of which may be suitable for your individual situation.

We are not saying only try us, we just think you might want to add us into the mix and then decide.

Across the whole market, the number of lenders willing to offer you a home loan is increasing as shown by the Bank of England`s Credit Conditions Survey for the fourth quarter of last year.

That may encourage you to consider comparison sites, but you`ll often be left to pick a deal by yourself, which may result in you not getting the best one.

It`s not like that at First Choice Finance we can offer you both the selection and the help in choosing the right one because we have access to many lenders and in house home loan advisers who will walk you through the process and help along the way.

Getting started is simple, all you need to do is give us a few details and we`ll come back to you and help find the best homeowner loan for you from our panel.

You`re well within your rights to turn it down if you don`t think it`s suitable, as it`s offered on a no-obligation basis, but with First Choice Finance, even borrowers with an impaired credit history can get the secured loan that`s best for them.

Your home loan can be put towards anything legal, such as refurbishments on your home or paying for the deposit on your child`s first home.

Alternatively, the money can sometimes be used for debt consolidation, which would see one loan pay off many existing unsecured loans, credit cards or other debts.

This will both reduce your outgoings and mean that your single repayment will be easier to keep track of, although you may end up paying more interest on the loan as a result depending on the rates and terms involved.

Consult First Choice Finance about best home loans today call on 0800 298 3000 from a landline, 0333 003 1505 from a mobile or fill in our online form at firstchoicefinance.co.uk. 

Security is required on immovable property.

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